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Cần Thợ Nail, In Nails Spa, Laredo, TX, 78041

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Reason: move to another state. It is necessary to hurry the worker to do every thing, to have a TN degree, or to have another state change, to have a house for the worker. Nail salon has over 10 years good income good location, need to urgently because lack of care shop has 5 chairs 5 tables white area, high price, cheap rent suitable for the couple. We have many years of experience in website design and sale of Airline Tickets. If you have good workmanship and had nail license in California why to go through the state to do nail? Houston downtown store, 2,300sqft salon, peaceful, peaceful, high price, good income. Good location, tip cao. Tiệm khu trắng, tip cao. Tiệm rộng thoáng 3800 sqft, có 24 ghế pedi 8 bàn, 2 phòng wax facial, 1 phòng VIP, industrial washer/dryer. Có 10 ghế, 8 bàn, 1 phòng facial/wax. Tiệm ở Oskaloosa, có 8 bàn 8 ghế, hiện tại có 6 thợ.

Tiệm vùng mỹ trắng, tip cao. Tiệm khu Mỹ trắng, khách lịch sự, giá nail cao, tip hậu. Cần sang tiệm nails ở Muskego, WI. Sunny Nails Store in Springdale, AR is in need of AR nail technicians. Need male / female know-how P & W and gel polish, with AL. The Oregon Laser & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art center for modern skin care and treatments with no aesthetic tendencies. The splendid, white-haute area, located in the Ross Park Mall, is for sale. The nail salon in Ashland, Virginia, located opposite the richmond outlet, is expected to be the largest virginia outlet, to be completed by the end of the year. Cần nhiều thợ nail. Tiệm nail trung tâm Laurel, cần gấp nhiều thợ nail. Khu vực miền Nam FLORIDA đang tuyển nhiều nhân viên chăm sóc sắc đẹp từ Nails đến Facial & Waxing! Tiệm cần thợ nail nữ hoặc nam có kinh nghiệm làm bột. Tiệm cách biển 10 phút.

Cần sang tiệm nail gấp,tiệm rộng khang trang nằm downtown cách Seattle 2h30′, tiền rent thấp. Lee Spa Nails inside Northpark Mall, tiệm có income cao, cần tuyển thợ full time and part time. We have flexible schedules- full time or part time. Nail Polisher, Powder Dipper and Waterman, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, Full Length or Part Time. Cần thợ nail cấp có kinh nghiệm biết làm bột, Chân tay nước, bột nhúng (dipping powder) & biết làm Pink & white càng tốt, tiệm làm Không khí gia đình, vui vẻ. Need more nail powder and water limb. Need a male / female nail worker at Myrtle Beach marine tourism center, SC. Note: the remote worker wants to do his own accommodation. There is free accommodation for workers. Please call Hieu: Bấm vào đây xem số phone for more info. Xin liên lạc số phone Cell Bấm vào đây xem số phone hoặc Tiệm Bấm vào đây xem số phone gặp Phương để biết thêm chi tiết. Cần sang tiệm nail gấp gấp! Mod Day Spa seeking experience female nail tech.

Need a female, husband and wife as possible, know enough experience. The salon is in need of qualified nail technicians and intends to do long term. The Salon is 1400sft in space, and located in a busy shopping center. This shop is located in the heart of Sugar Land, features spacious parking and on-site security. Luxurious, White Americans, located in Old Town Alexandria, VA. White House District, the atmosphere of work happy. The US District white, high nail prices, many tips, work atmosphere fun. High salary depending on ability, back post. Cần thợ Nữ/Nam vui vẻ làm tay chân nước, gel, waxing, hoặc thợ bột, biết bột nhúng càng tốt. UP (tùy theo tay nghề thợ bột). Cần thợ bột kinh nghiệm và chân tay nước. BáoNail là sự chọn lựa hàng đầu cho những ai có nhu cầu đăng quảng cáo Cần Thợ hoặc Bán Tiệm . Tiệm trong khu plannet fitness.

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  • Street: 548 Market St
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 94104

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